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UK Programmes


Current Programmes

Life Skills - Youth Mentoring

RDN runs a mentoring programme called Life Skills, aimed at 13-18 year olds. Our sessions aim to:

  • enable young people to have a larger vision of themselves by articulating their thoughts and communicating them effectively.
  • build meaningful relationships with young people and help them decrease the unconscious level of self-hatred
  • help young people acquire skills so they can help others in the community to achieve their full potential
  • encourage young people to embrace challenges with enthusiasm and confidence

Find out more about the programme run in Heston West


RDN runs a community allotment which is designed to provide a safe and secure community garden with access for all, where all members of community can come together to grow fruits and vegetables. We have partnered with Cranford Primary School where we have workshops with pupils to teach the importance of healthy eating and the environment.

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Supplementary Education


RDN offers tuition tailored to suit the level and objective of each student. This is to help children develop skills in English, Maths and ICT. Each session is aligned to the requirements of the National Curriculum. We also teach students the importance of British values and their wider role as young citizens in society.

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Past Programmes

Peer Education: HIV AND AIDS - “Theme: Let’s Care and Care to Care”

The project aim was to raise awareness and specify the roles of peer educators in strengthening treatment, care and support services. This was through strengthening the role of peer educators in promoting access and utilization of comprehensive care services by persons infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS

Shoot Nations - Photography Project

This project was run together with Plan UK to encourage young people to use photo voice techniques in expressing social issues.

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