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About the Programme

Sexual Health
We provide a platform for confidential free information, advice and guidance on sexual and reproductive health for members of the community to engage in open discussion on health and well-being matters. We provide a safe and confidential place for people living with HIV to share their concerns.

Safe space
This is designed to be an all-inclusive social space for people living with HIV and other long term conditions to have access to information about HIV, other related support services and how to live a fulfilling life with HIV.

Peer Group Support
This involves active engagement in open discussions on the daily challenges faced in living with HIV and how to develop coping strategies. The session is open to all people of all ages, ethnicity and sexuality. The peer to peer support allows for sharing of experiences and how to come to terms with the diagnosis.
Be encouraged and inspired by others living with HIV. Come along to our group activities and events;learn and inspire others.
For newly diagnosed
An HIV diagnosis can be frightening. Take time out to find out more about living with HIV from expert speakers, including people living with HIV.

Youth 4Youth
Youth 4 Youth programme aims to promote both formal and informal educational settings in the prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV) among young people and in the promotion of healthy relationships based on respect and equality.

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