Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill and everyone has experienced some measure of impact during these unprecedented times. Youngsters are no exception. At Riana, we wanted to hear the voice of young people. We invited students between the age of 8-14 to submit their artistic response about:

 How did the COIVD-19 affect you, your loved ones or the communities around you?

Submissions were in the form of poems, short stories, visual artworks, photographs and videos. All the entries will be published in an anthology called “Voices of Riana” and is part of an engaging experience for participants to express their creativity and share their stories with others in the community.

The criteria for submissions were as follows:

Submission guidelines

  1. Poems
    1. Maximum three submissions per person
  2. Fiction and non-fiction writings
    1. A broad group that includes stories, memoirs and diary entries.
    2. Submit a max 50-word artist’s introduction to each art piece.
    3. Maximum three submissions per person.
  3. Visual Artworks
    1. Paintings, drawings, photographs, etc.
    2. Maximum one submission of 200 – 500 words.
  4. Videos
    1. Submit a max 50-word artist’s introduction to the video.
    2. One submission
  5. Please submit one 50-word biography.

As we grapple with the daily changes emerging in this global crisis, we hope that the stories will bring us memories, be it bitter or sweet, of how we have faced the hardships together.  We can’t wait to read and share the inspiring stories submitted!