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VlogStar Challenge Hounslow 2019

12 young people took part in the day where they learnt presentation, interviewing and video editing skills to produce their own vlogs. In the second half of the workshop, each participant then recorded an entry for the VlogStar Challenge competition. Topics that were covered included: knife crime, the effect of mass media, poetry and reviews

Tomi Ojo, Project Coordinator (Media Trust), praised the high standard of vlog entries:

Watching the vlogs back, it's amazing to see what the young people can achieve during a one-day workshop

Laura (Jack Petchey Foundation), also commended the young people's efforts:

It was excellent to see all the different vlogs that the young people came up with at the end. They did really well, especially as the building we were in was directly in Heathrow’s flight path so there were planes going over head every minute or so but none of them let that affect the sound in their vlogs.

All submitted entries will be shortlisted for the regional semi finals of the competition. Participants will have the opportunity to go to YouTube HQ to receive further support before selection for the finals in the summer 2019.

Find out more about the work Riana Development Network does with young people.

The VlogStar Challenge is supported by the Media Trust, Jack Petchey Foundation, YouTube and the Evening Standard.