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Vloggers in the making

The semis were hosted at Google HQ and provided a great opportunity for creatives to learn how to develop their content further on YouTube.

One of the sessions, I Am Remarkable, challenged participants to reflect on their accomplishments and discover what makes them unique and how they can share that with others.

I Am Remarkable Quotes

I am remarkable because although I have a stutter I continue to get on stage and empower others through sharing my story 


I am remarkable because this year I created a social enterprise which is designed to empower young people and equip them with the key tools to work on self development mental health care and public speaking skills


I am remarkable because I have not allowed my struggles to define me; I view my weaknesses as my strengths

Meeting with YouTubers

Another highlight of the day was the discussion panel with upcoming and established YouTubers. ABVlogs, London Hacks, Lucy Moon and Grace Victory gave the low-down on the realities of YouTube, top tips they wish they knew and opportunities that can come from doing YouTube

I thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass at Google, it provided many young people with the key skills and knowledge to create a YouTube space with authentic and valuable content, and general advice to pursue the right careers and passions. I myself left with so much enthusiasm and motivation: as well as this I met some really interesting people and I made life long connections, with people will support my projects and myself likewise.

- Natasha Mutebi

Our Semi-Finalists

With over 1500 entries, the semi-finalists were part of a group of 150 shortlisted submissions. Our semi-finalists submitted impressive vlogs on topics that they care about - knife crime, exams, stuttering and comedy to name a few.

Next Steps

Semi-finalists now have two weeks to submit a 1 minute vlog for the final in September. A judging panel will then select the final 15 who will have the chance to use YouTube space before the grand finale.

Find out more about the work Riana Development Network does with young people.

The VlogStar Challenge is supported by the Media Trust, Jack Petchey Foundation, YouTube and the Evening Standard.