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Life Skills Heston – Week 7

Matthews (RDN) led the session, giving us a talk on how leadership plays a very important role in volunteering and event planning. We watched a video where different people spoke about the qualities that make a good leader. Some of these ranged from being a good listener to being able to compromise. We soon discovered that many of us in the group were leaders in different aspects of our lives. Some of us were leaders in the eyes of our friends or took the main lead in activities at school. Matthews highlighted the importance to us that we would have to be a positive role model to the children taking part on the day and how enthusiasm makes a huge difference.

The second half of the session revisited our event planning and we confirmed the venue, date and time along with coming up with the aim of what we were organising:

Aim: A fun day full of sports, arts and crafts for under 16s to bring the community together

When and Where: Cranford Community College on Wednesday 3rd August from 12-3pm

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