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Life Skills Heston – Week 4

Due to the popularity of the workshop delivered beforehand, Blaise Singh from MADE TV came back to deliver another session on film and media. He was accompanied by Ben Ah-Time who worked with us to make a video clip on our local area. We were split into two groups and given a design brief which stated we had to make a video including the following shots:

  • Establishment
  • Pan
  • Mid shot
  • Close Up
  • Use of Mobile and DSLR footage

Both groups were amazed as to how the camera on phones allows film makers to get into positions they wouldn’t otherwise be able to with a bigger camera. It also showed how young people do not have to spend much on costly equipment in order to make a quality film.

To finish off the day, we were given an introduction on how we can edit our clips to produce our videos.

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