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Jack Petchey Award Winners 2019

October 2018 Award Winner: Lehar

Exceptional dedication and perseverence

Lehar is currently studying for her GCSE exams but continues to volunteer and helps younger children with their work during sessions at the RDN Supplementary School. During tuition sessions, she is always willing to help and explain topics where other students might be struggling. She shows great perseverance and always takes the courage to ask for help when she needs it. She has shown real commitment and determination. She has applied herself well this year which has resulted in a local pharmacy giving her the opportunity to apply these skills to a wider audience during work experience. Lehar is dedicated individual who goes beyond and above what is expected of herself most of the time.

January 2019 Winner Name: Morsal

Taking on responsibility among her peers

At the RDN Supplementary School, Morsal became more involved in supporting younger children in the lower years. That sense of responsibility and trust has given Morsal so much confidence. Recently, she was nominated by her peers to receive Jack Petchey Award for her support to the younger ones, showing initiative and taking responsibility. This has also seen her put a lot of work in her studies. She was also nominated by the students to represent the school at the Quality Mark Award ceremeny at the House of Commons. This improved confidence has also translated into better performance in class and she has moved up two sub-levels in Maths and English.

Morsal has consistently shown self-discipline and independent learning by being ready to tackle homework as soon as she gets to the tuition centre before joining the lessons for the day.

June 2019 Winner Name: Alex

Resilience in learning

Alex has made remarkable progress in Maths, English and Science this year. At the beginning, Alex found it challenging to do Maths in particular. Lack of confidence meant that sitting tests was a barrier but with hard work, Alex's school confirmed that he had performed so well and is to be moved to the top set. Staff at the RDN Supplementary School are impressed at Alex's attitude to learning and willingness to learn, even when finding topics tough. Presently, Alex is an exemplary student and is more confident among his peers. He has not only improved but has also made friendships with peers from different schools through the RDN Supplementary School. We wish Alex all the best as he goes on to sit his GCSE exams next year.