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End of Year Celebrations – RDN Supplementary School

Staff, students and parents always look forward to this celebration and this year was no exception. In the awards ceremony, Janet Omondi (Year 3-4 teacher), Maxwell Omondi (Year 5-6 teacher), John Ogutu and Halima Ismail (Year 7-9 and Year 10-11 teachers) gave special mentions to the achievements that students in their classes worked hard towards this year, before certificates were handed out.

RDN continue to work closely with educational institutions to spread the word on the value of volunteering and recruit volunteers. This year saw two students from Brunel University come to volunteer for the Supplementary School and assist the Year 5-6 class with English and Maths. RDN would like to thank Monica and Zarah for their generous time and hard work they invested into teaching the students and supporting their learning.

The staff and volunteers would like to thank the parents who donated and organised catering for the event and for attending. It was also a great opportunity to have a discussion with parents on issues that they wanted to raise and give advice on how they can best support their children at home

In a challenging time of educational reforms and rising inequality, Riana Development Network continue to support local communities in the London Borough of Hounslow to ensure young people achieve their potential.

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To volunteer for next academic year contact Rodgers Orero at: