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Riana Development Network, a charity supported by a group of volunteers based in Chiswick, London Borough of Hounslow, is proud to announce this Year’s 4 Jack Petchy Award winners.

  • Twahira Abubaker
  • Aya Kerarim
  • Roxie Clack
  • Syreeta Bains (Leader Award)

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award recognises outstanding young people who have gone above and beyond to achieve – perhaps when others thought they might fail. The Awards are primarily about recognising those who put in the effort and do their best. They may be used to recognise a personal triumph for someone who has faced a challenge, a young person who has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone or it may be an opportunity to recognise the outstanding efforts of a team player.

The Award winners receive £300 of funding for the team and can choose what their grant will be spent on to benefit the club/charity.

Read the award winners nominations below:

Twahira Abubaker has been nominated by her peers for the Jack Petchey Award due to her contributions and showing leadership skills, organization during the Good 4 Girls programme that was dealing with issues around mental health for girls aged 10 and above. She was able to organise activities and lead discussions and showed virtues of an organised and responsible girl despite her tender age. She was able to recruit 6 vulnerable girls to join the programme and these young girls were able to be supported and through the intervention of the youth workers, they are now receiving additional extra support with other support agencies. It is through the network of Twahira that we were able to identify the needs of her peers.

Twahira has an amiable character and able to articulate issues with ease considering her age. She never backs down on a challenge and has strong views on equality which makes her an inspiration to other girls.

Aya has shown great dedication towards her education. She is a very committed young person, who is committed to supporting her peers during their learning. Aya attends both the Tuition and youth club sessions every week and supports with setting up for the session, clearing up and supporting younger children who might be struggling. She is always punctual and looking for other young people to join the sessions from her school and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Roxie is a dedicated young person who attends the weekly youth club sessions. She is kind and thoughtful towards her peers. Roxie is always willing participant in the activities. Roxie is very helpful to staff during the sessions, full of energy, she is always thinking of new and exciting ways to improve the youth club for her peers and how they could support other young people who are not currently accessing the same activities as her. She is always encouraging her classmates/ school friends to come for sessions and coming up with ideas to improve the sessions and suggesting where to visit for external trips/outings.

Syreeta Bians has been instrumental in turning around the lives of vulnerable young people within our provision. She has been working with a family who has gone through a lot of difficulties and she has been able to provide 1-2-1 support to a young person who had dropped out of school in year 8 but after one year, they gained the necessary confidence and are now back in education due to support and consistency from Syreeta. They are now looking at various options at the college and looking into the future.

She always goes beyond and above the call of duty to make sure that the young people’s needs are taken care of. She has been able to organize various life skills and training opportunities for the young people and collaborates with external agencies to make sure that the needs of the young people are met. In areas where the organization is not able to support, she is always looking around for others who are able to assist and this has endeared herself both to the young people and parents alike.

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