International Programmes

Current Programmes

Food and Livelihood Security

Riana Development Network in partnership with AFFORD UK is currently providing 24 households with a breeding stock of goats as an income generating activity. This is in response to the food insecurity amongst women and youth headed households who are consistently going hungry and living in extreme poverty.

Nyanza Province has the highest HIV prevalence in Kenya and most of the children are orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The extended family takes responsibility for children but they are unable to provide adequate food, clothing or access to healthcare and education. Sadly, some of these children and young people are forced into sexual exploitation. Female headed households also have insufficient food with children suffering from extreme hunger and poverty.

Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

RDN has a commitment to help improve the quality of life and access to education for orphaned and vulnerable children. The high levels of HIV/AIDS and poverty present great challenges when coordinating support and care for orphaned and vulnerable children. These children are stigmatized, marginalised and discriminated against because they may have:

  • lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS
  • lost one or both parents to other causes
  • one parent infected with the HIV virus

We also provide:

  • the children with educational material, medical care, counselling and emotional support.
  • children with scholarships to access good quality education.
  • recreational facilities and activities.

Education Programme

Riana Development Network  in partnership with RITOF is currently providing bursaries for 32 children to attend secondary school and  colleges in order to help them reach their full potential in life. With the help of our donors, 21 talented youngsters have completed their secondary education and 11 have finished colleges since 2009. Many of these have progressed to higher education and 7 are already in employment.

Global Citizenship

We aim to increase awareness, understanding and links between young people in the UK and around the world. Our exciting new Global Community Links programme puts universal education and global partnership in the frame between young people in UK and Kenya.

This involves supporting them to explore and take an active part in local solutions to the global issues that affect them and their peers. By enabling them to explore their similarities and their interdependence in an increasingly globalised world, young people are able to develop a greater understanding of what the Millennium Development Goals mean to them.